not always able to but trying to think positive

yesterday I went out, running. Nice weather, first warm day since I don´t know when. My husband and child went to a model railroad exhibition, so they were taken care of... My intention was to go for a long run. I didn´t even forget to put on my sunglases. After getting started I realised within a short time, something was wrong. My feet were heavy like if they had been coated with lead. I heard myself step on the asphalt like an elephant. Why am I doing this, I asked a tree nearby after managing the first two kilometers. Not every day is the same, of course, but today was the worst. Sometimes it gets better after a while, body has to get the right temperature. But not today. Running a while longer I started to feel real compassion for me. The nordic walkers, I was hardly able to catch up with, felt the same, I know it. Feeling sorry for myself for quite a while I reached the point of return. There was a bench on the edge of the little forest I surrounded. I swear, I never sat on it before. But this morning it had a sign on it that said in big letters: PLEASE, sit down on me for a minute Susi and enjoy the wonderful view I am able to provide you. So this is what I did. 5 minutes later I got up and ran home.
Sitting in the sun was great and next time running will be much better, that´s for sure, it can´t be worse.