hard drive

last week was a hard week. On Monday the one computer hard drive that has all fotos stored on it said "good by". On Tuesday my husband discovered that one of the very expensive wheels of his race bike got slit open. He had them many thousands of kilometres, at least. But no chance for rescue. He ordered a complete new set of wheels because the other is likely to fail soon as well. Then on Thursday our TV set gave in (the good old thing lasted more than 14 years I hear from my husband, he already had it before I knew him). No way to get it repaired for a appropriate amount of money.
So, if anybody out there is ready to make a donation please contact....

Child went to miniclub for the first time last week, where she was alone without me. I didn´t sleep the night before and was very excited. I´m very relieved that she seems to like it so we continue to go there. Very expensive but worth spending the money.