Monday, July 30, 2012


End of May we were in Croatia again. It´s a wonderful country. We went to lakes plitvice on a cloudy day. Some areas in Croatia are still contaminated with land mines from the war in the early nineties. If you search Wiki, it´s says that there are approximately 700000 up to 2,5 millions lying in the ground along the lines where the fighting took place.This sounds scary but as a tourist you are not in danger as long as you keep going on the streets and paths declared to be safe.

Weather was fine, not as warm as last year, little rain. Here we have a real summer heat at the moment, which makes me the think back to our vacation and the cool breeze from the sea which was always there.

On the last picture you might discover the double rainbow!

Monday, July 16, 2012


This bag goes to a friend, I hope she likes it. Otherwise I wouldn´t mind to keep it for myself....

Another dear friend knitted the scarf you see on the photo below, for me. It´s my favorite by far. I like to wear it in summer, when it gets chilly later in the day as well as in winter.

Monday, July 02, 2012


keine Lust zum bloggen, liegt wahrscheinlich an der Hitze der vergangenen Tage. Dann noch Termine die sich jagen. Ein paar genähte Exemplare liegen zwar hier rum, nur kriege ich zur Zeit keine guten Fotos hin. Mit Schlechten will ich Euch nicht auf die Nerven fallen.