Sunday, April 30, 2017

fabric philosophy

I do not move at high level when it comes down to sewing at the moment, but there are 2 things I want to show you. First there is this sack which keeps daughters ballet belongings, such as shoes and dress...

Can be used for other stuff as well, like what you need for school or swimming or night walking, you know...
Bottom is made of jeans fabric, taken from a pair of old pants. Just cut off its legs, so that one might become shorts for summer. 
Actually this 100% cotton sort of jeans fabric might get rare more and more. Because in many women's departments of fashion stores nowadays you find jeans with a polyester share only. There are advantages to wear the stretch kind, of course. I have these pants in my closet as well. But I wear them one day, then pants get out of shape and start to develop a "smell" the next day already. I like the feeling of the 100% cotton kind much more, well, call me old fashioned for that... 
Good bye to times when sweaters and T-shirts were definitely made of 100% cotton. (Prices for those still found seem to be at a much higher level though)
Is there a economic connection among the low price of mineral oil at these times and a higher share of polyester in clothes? Tell me if you can proof me to be completely wrong!       

Next item is a scarf. Other people might sew curtains out of that voile cotton. When I walked by that fabric at the Swedish store I heard it scream at me: "I want to become a loop". So easy to make and I love to wear it.

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